NAPA Advantages

Easy Scorekeeping No tracking innings, missed shots, or defensive shots. You track wins & losses each game...THATS IT! Great National Tournament Played on 7 ft. Diamond tables, true double elimination format, matches streamed over Internet, and more! ** 2014 National Tournament was in Atlanta, GA ** Free Membership No annual membership fees, ever! We don't require players to pay for matches they don't play Great Rules No-Slop 8-ball (call ball & pocket), jumping allowed, call 9-ball, etc. State-of-the-Art Website A lifetime of countless stats on your performance and ALL other players, FREE! Full transparency Handicap System Anti-sandbagging handicap system. Anyone can complete and WIN! Cash Prizes We pay cash to the players each and every session. At least one player on each team will win a cash prize. More Options 3 to 5-man teams, 8-ball, 9-ball, & 10-ball, no-limit rosters, and more

NAPA Rules

What are the rules?

Here are the highlights for 8-ball, 9-ball and 10-ball:  Full set of detailed rules can be viewed here.


NAPA 8-Ball is a “call your pocket” league.  It is recommended that players call their shots vocally.  Obvious shots do not have to be specified.  When calling your shot, it is never necessary to call the details (number of banks, cushions, combinations, etc.) on how the ball will be pocketed.  You simply call the ball you intend to pocket and the intended pocket.
Balls pocketed illegally (not in the intended pocket) remain pocketed, but it is the opponent’s turn at the table.
The opening break is not a called shot.
The table is always open after the break.
A scratch or foul is a loss of the game, if the 8-ball is pocketed or knocked off the table.
A scratch of foul is not a loss of game if the 8-ball is not pocketed or not knocked off the table.  The incoming player will have ball in hand.
Pocketing the 8-ball in any other pocket other than a called pocket is a loss of game, including an early 8.


Players are not required to call their pocket when shooting with the exception of the 9-ball.  The 9-ball must be called, whether it is the lowest numbered ball on the table or not. 

If you call the 9-ball and do not pocket it, it is a loss of turn, unless a lower numbered ball is pocketed.

If the player pockets the 9-ball in any pocket other than the designated pocket, the 9-ball is re-spotted and the incoming player plays the ball where it lies.
If the 9-ball is not called, the 9-ball is not the lowest numbered ball on the table and the 9-ball is pocketed prematurely, the 9-ball is to be re-spotted. The incoming player is to play the table in the current position and does not have ball in hand unless the cue ball is pocketed as well.


Players are required to call their intended ball and pocket when shooting on every shot with the exception of the break.
Balls must be pocketed in ascending numerical order, just as in 9-ball.
The 10-ball must be called, whether it is the lowest numbered ball on the table or not.
If the 10-ball is not call and the 10-ball is pocketed prematurely, the 10-ball is to be re-spotted.  The incoming player has the option of shooting the table in the current position or hand it back to his opponent.

Time Outs

Only the shooter or team captain, acting team captain, or designated coach can call a timeout.
Players with a skill level of 30 or below can get 2 time outs per game.  Players with a skill level of 60 and below receive only 1 time out per game.  61 and higher do not get time outs.


NAPA provide a fun, fair, and open system to provide billiard players a method of playing, having fun and competing for cash and trophies at the same time. It's online scoring using any smartphone eliminates the need for paperwork and allows more time to do what you want- play pool!


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