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NEW Marietta league accepting league participants

Multiple teams will compete for a large pot of cash! Sign up now for new season starting soon. Take the survey and tell us you want to play in COBB county.

Monday night Cumming league  accepting new participants -- rare opportunity

Multiple teams are competing for a large pot of cash! Sign up now for new season starting soon.

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New Sunday evening 9-ball league to launch this summer

It's hot outside. Why not enjoy the air conditioning and play some pool with your family? Our summer league is fun for all ages. Contact us to find out more.

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Sunday night Cumming league accepting new participants

Come join our famous Monday night tradition of playing Lagger's Choice (8, 9, or 10 ball)! This league will teach you all the basics, plus you'll have tons of fun.

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Offering one of the most unique billiards experiences in the metropolitan area.

Central Georgia Napa was initially just an idea on a bar napkin one night. But it quickly became a reality. Now we are offering the best billiard league products, at award-winning bars, and they provide some of the best (and most attractive) service in town, Central Georgia Napa is considered the best league to have fun, learn billiards, compete for cash prizes, and meet some friends in the process.