The week after the session ends, we'll have the playoffs. Based on the length of a league, the league operator will determine the minimum number of matches required to participate in the playoffs. At the end of a session, all qualified players will be placed into multiple groups based on their handicap levels. All monies will be distributed evenly between the groups. The LOW group will have the same opportunity to win as much as the HIGH group. Players will play each other in a round-robin format and winners will be determined but most games won + any handicap points given. Score sheets will be provided to each group to score the results. This singles format is similar the NAPA National tournaments, so this will help players prepare for that format.

If you WIN your bracket, you will advance to the next level of tournament where larger prizes are awarded.  The next level tournament will be composed of past winners of all brackets from multiple locations. Once the winner’s field of players is determined, the players will once again be split into equal groups and a round-robin tournament will determine the final overall winners.  SCORING: One point awarded for each game. SCORE TIE-BREAKERS: The winner of a tie-breaker is determined by looking at when those two players competed. Whoever won that match, wins. In case of a 3-way-tie, a one-game sudden death match will determine the winners and losers.

There are multiple reasons why we use this format and I strongly believe you will enjoy it!

Thanks for your participation. Have fun!