initial hANDICAPS

NAPA provides a conversion for players that have played in other league formats.

A pool league handicap system that works

NAPA's unique race matrix allows players at all skill levels to have a great chance of winning each and every match. In fact, currently over half of the matches go "hill hill" (comes down to the final game between two players to see who wins the match). Unlike other pool leagues, NAPA has an unlimited handicap system. In other words, a player could have any number as a handicap and is not limited to a set of 8 or 10 different levels of play. When a new player starts playing NAPA they are assigned a handicap based upon their playing ability and/or a conversion from other pool leagues. As an example, a strong player may start off as a '80' in NAPA (equivalent to a '7' in the APA) and a weaker might start off as '30' in NAPA (equivalent to a '2' in the APA). To manually determine the race between the two players do the following:

1.Determine which player has the higher handicap

2.Take this player's handicap and locate the 'Stronger Player' box in the NAPA race matrix below

3.Subract the difference between the two players' skill levels and locate it in the 'Skill Level Difference'

4.View the 'Race' examples below:

  • Player A is a 20 and Player B is a 20. Its a 2-2 race
  • Player A is a 47 and Player B is a 30. Its a 3-2 race
  • Player A is a 94 and Player B is a 74. Its a 6-4 race
  • Player A is a 107 and Player B is a 65. Its a 7-3 race
  • Player A is a 97 and Player B is a 12. Its a 10-2 race

If you don't like doing the math, you can also visit from your computer or cell phone to easily determine the races between two players. Currently the highest ranked players in NAPA are rated 150+. Everytime you win or lose a match your handicap will go up or down by a few points. Therefore, if a player continues to win match after match, their handicap goes up and up, thus making it harder and harder for them to win becuase of the way our Race Matrix works. Likewise, if a player loses match after match, their handicap will go down, making it easier for them to win.....THIS SYSTEM IS AWESOME and anyone can win!