NAPA Super Shooter Satellite Tournament @Mazzy’s June15-17

The NAPA Super Shooters Championship is NAPA’s annual National Championship and a minimum of $20,000 is added to this event. In 2018, this will be held in New Orleans @Buffalo Billiards on October 1-6, 2008. To participate in this special event, like WSOP, all players must qualify through one of the NAPA Nationals Satellite Tour qualifier locations. To play in a qualifier, a shooter must have five current year sanctioned NAPA matches- e.g. to play in 9-ball, you need 5 9-ball matches. Other events will be available at the same time that do not require any qualification from a satellite. (Lagger's Choice, Ladies, Seniors, etc.)

The total player field will be divided into four groups of shooters from each class bracket with similar skill levels. Each tournament (8-ball and 9-ball) is a double elimination tournament and the top 16 finishers (4 from each bracket!) from each event qualifies for the NAPA Super Shooters Championship.

Mazzy’s of Roswell will host a NAPA Satellite tour stop with two events: on Friday Jun 15th at 1PM for 9-ball, and for 8-ball, starting at 1PM on June 16th and continuing June 17th to finish 8-ball final brackets. $500 will be added to each event!

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Here are the current satellite locations:

 Benefits to Players

Prior to the tournament, we anticipate players will be encouraged to play in the NAPA leagues and participate in any tournament qualifiers that we host. Central Georgia NAPA will be hosting several mini qualifiers at multiple locations on the weekends with groups of 6 players (utilizing 3 tables) which will guarantee the 5 rounds of play needed. These qualifiers provide them with excellent tournament-style practice for the upcoming tournament stop AND possible participate in the $20,000 added NAPA National Tournament in New Orleans in the summer of 2018.

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in any these events!