When is the last time you made $100 playing league?

How about $200? Or $300!!


  • No captains! Low cost!  High payouts

  • Fast-8, 9-ball, or 10-ball :  e.g. 12 people for 12 weeks

  • Only $10 per week to play + initial $10 playoff fee

  • You can participate in more than one league

  • NAPA Handicaps and Electronic Scoring

  • 20-points awarded for shutouts and forfeits, 7 points for getting to hill

  • Payouts – $300-1st $200-2nd $100-3rd $50-4th

  • Players can makeup matches BEFORE their next match (on their own time)

  • Top 3 plus a WILD CARD will go into playoffs for the last week

  • 1 vs WILD CARD and 2 vs 3

  • The, winners play for 1st and 2nd; losers for 3rd and 4th

  • Players can play ahead (on their own time) but can NOT use the electronic scoring

  • Participants will receive 11 NAPA Rewards Points (NRP) that discount entry fees into higher level NAPA state or national tournaments. (NRP details)


  • Mazzy's Roswell (Smoking) - Wednesday nights
  • Mazzys Milton- Tuesday nights 9-ball - ENTRY CLOSED
  • Mazzy's Milton (NON-Smoking) - Sunday evening and night

Contact us for details…  or call 678-960-8456